Confessions of a Chick in Paris

Confessions of a Chick in Paris

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I Interrupt My Blog To Say…

August 31, 2009 , , , , , , , ,


That’s right, four and a half months and 78,852 words later, a once-proofread draft is complete for the “Year of the Chick.” (see other blog)

Aside from that there’s nothing else to say, except it’s 2am, and I should be getting to bed now (am I really going to wake up at 6am? Yeah, yeah I am…).

So does this mean the late nights will end, and that I’ll somehow regain all the sanity lost from the last four months?

Well let’s not be ridiculous, I still get to edit! πŸ™‚

But rest assured, regularly-scheduled blog-programming, blog-reading and “reply-to-comments” will resume next week.

Thank you for your patience.

In the meantime, here for the first time EVER in the open public, two direct excerpts from the novel…

1. “I walked towards the scale with some newfound inner strength. What was I even afraid of?Β  I’d already told my mother that I hadn’t gained a pound in the last six months, so now I could prove her wrong.

The problem of course was that I hadn’t weighed myself in an entire year.

I thought about the snowman cookies from the day before, and the delicious foamy latte.Β  And what about the fact that I’d just eaten breakfast?Β  Everybody knows that weigh-ins after breakfast add three pounds.Β  Dammit.

With inner strength gone I finally mounted the scale.

The scale blinked on and off as it processed my weight. Meanwhile I attempted to stand on the sides of my feet.Β  I wasn’t really sure how that would lessen the number, but I tried it all the same.

The scale turned on for good with the final answer.

Holy Hell and God, I’d gained fifteen pounds in the last twelve months.”


2. “The greasy-haired brown-skinned Indian man waved his rum and coke in the air, as his thick and bushy uni-brow pointed up and to the right, ever so suggestively. Of course every Indian girl whether hot, semi-hot or average had always been subjected to these uni-brow advances. The curse of unrelenting (and clueless) Indian men. Tonight though, I expected his interest a little more, since I was all decked out in my bright pink birthday dress, with matching nails and professionally curled locks of hair.

β€œIs your name Parveen?” He asked with a smile. His voice betrayed an accent that suggested emigration to Canada in the last twenty years. Not a β€œfresh off the boat” accent, but it was notable. I wouldn’t have minded the accent at all, if every Indian-born man I’d ever met in my life hadn’t conducted himself like a horny sleaze-bag who’d never seen a boob.”

And that’s all she wrote…for now.



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holy crud…you are like my own personal motivator and muse! great job….congrats
you must feel like a million bucks πŸ™‚

The Burg

August 31, 2009

I’m super excited for you book!!!! Also, I hear editing is the best part πŸ˜‰


August 31, 2009

Congrats on being done!


August 31, 2009

Man, they both sound great! Looking forward to it!

Taoist Biker

August 31, 2009

So when will the year of the chick officially hatch?

ian in hamburg

August 31, 2009

Very nice work…and nice to see you back!


August 31, 2009

Holy SHIT BALLS. Congrats! The excerpts are captivating. I can’t wait to read the entire thing. Your writing is very inspirational and I look forward to all of your future writing. Good luck with the next step.


September 1, 2009

Congrats, that’s awesome!! The excerpts are hilarious.


September 1, 2009

Yaaay for Romi! You have done well, and we shall enjoy your writing as soon as possible πŸ™‚


September 1, 2009

Awesome stuff! Good on ya πŸ™‚

(says GYL with a immoderate amount of jealousy!)


September 1, 2009

Congratulations Romi. Your perseverance is truly admirable. Love the excerpts. Not weighing yourself for a year was the only way a truth-lover could get away with telling mom no weight had been gained, right? ♥ πŸ˜‰


September 1, 2009

I’m excited for you, Romi :-).


September 1, 2009

I cannot wait to have a signed copy so that I may hawk it on ebay. that is all.


September 1, 2009

this is so awesome! I will so buy the book if you sign it, will you? πŸ™‚ proud of you girl!!!!! you rock!!!!!!!!!


September 1, 2009

Congratulations! I am so proud of you.


September 1, 2009

Congrats on the novel draft being completed. The excerpts are awesome!


September 2, 2009

Congrats! I am soooooooooooo looking forward to the day I can open it up and read it in its entirety! The little snippets are toooo funny Romi! Congrats!


September 7, 2009

The burg: feeling like a million bucks and having a million bucks are two very different things, but I admit, inner satisfaction beyond any material benefit has its worth, thank you! πŸ™‚

sammy25: so far editing has proved to be very interesting…in that I’m realizing that I wrote a fair bit of crap πŸ˜‰ And thank you!!

Taoist Biker: thanks dude! πŸ™‚ I can’t wait ’till it’s decent enough for an agent to read it!..workin’ on it πŸ˜‰

ian in hamburg: well the query letters to agents will start to go out in a few weeks…making that part good is so essential. We’ll see where it goes from there!

morethananelectrician: thank you! And yes, I am trying to be back more regularly, so I will come ’round soon! πŸ™‚

Justin: thank you! That means SO much to me coming from you, my fellow writer friend, it’s important for us like minds to pump each other up! πŸ™‚

Shweta: thank you my friend! I hope when all is done you’ll enjoy the story πŸ™‚

Duffboy: thank you!! I would love for you to enjoy it as soon as possible πŸ™‚

GYL: THANK YOU!!! What jealousy?!?!? I couldn’t see it, I only sense your warmth and I really do appreciate it πŸ™‚

David: THANK YOU blog-dad! Your pride means a lot πŸ™‚ And yes, I am a lover of the truth…ignorance is bliss πŸ˜‰

Allison: thank you!! You have such a broad and refined reading palette from what I know, I hope one day you will read and enjoy it πŸ™‚

geminigirl: HAHAHA…to think of the day when a signed “anything” from me would be worth anything πŸ˜‰ Well thank you, and you should have no problem obtaining a signed copy, since we SO have to hang out in NY!!! πŸ˜‰

Ute: do you know how much I smiled when I read your comment? Thank you for visiting my blog and for your support πŸ™‚ A signed copy of the book is the LEAST of what you’d get, you’ve been such a good friend!!

thank you!! That means so much coming from a great writer and kind friend as yourself πŸ™‚

bluesuit12: thank you girl! I am glad you like the excerpts, you have a good eye for humour so it means a lot to hear you say that πŸ™‚

MoodSwingMabel: hello my friend!! And THANK you, I have a lot of work to do but I really want to do it as soon as possible. If only my body didnt’ need to sleep! πŸ˜‰


September 14, 2009

Congrats Romi! When are you scheduled to come to my part of the world for your author tour?!?! I can’t wait to meet you, buy your book and get it autographed!!!


September 16, 2009

Romes, you are officially the shit. I’m so proud of you for doing this and making the career you really want even closer than it already is. Congrats, go have another latte and some more cookies to celebrate. Fuck the scale. And seriously, what’s up with the unibrows? I mean, I got a half unibrow but you don’t see that shit on me do you? Hell no cause I may be overweight, have bad skin, and drink too much, but I still consider myself above the unibrow syndrome. I mean you already have to shave just a few inches away every day, make the effort and take one more swipe. Dang!


September 18, 2009

Congratulations to you!!! I can’t wait to read the final copy, I know it won’t be long now!

Also, I know a Parveen. You’re no Parveen, you are far more put together and awesomely hot, trust me. πŸ˜‰ Plus I think your name is prettier anyways, duh!


September 20, 2009

congrats! i hope it’s available in Florida when you publish it! πŸ™‚

Black Coffee & Bourbon

September 30, 2009

ideajump: I am ALL about going on a book tour, but as I edit now, I need to first find an agent who will then find me a publisher πŸ˜‰ Let’s hope it works out!

Josh: YES! I know, one quick swipe, take care of that unibrow shit, it doesn’t make you less manly, just less ape-like πŸ˜‰ And thank you for the kind words!

thank you SO much, I am dreaming about that final copy, and yeah, “parveen” sucks! πŸ˜‰

Black coffee and bourbon: thank you, and I HOPE I will publish it, so I can make it available in Florida! πŸ™‚


October 5, 2009

Congratulations on your novel! I know you worked hard on it so it must be a relief to get past this huge milestone. Now it’s on to the next milestone but hopefully not as difficult on your end. πŸ™‚


October 23, 2009

Thanks Teeni, you’re such a sweetheart! πŸ™‚


November 3, 2009

Your blog is a blast.


November 2, 2009

Aww..thanks Tirz, I appreciate when you find humour, it means a lot! πŸ˜€ Now get your ass back into Nano…lol πŸ˜‰


November 3, 2009

I don’t know what WP is up to, but this blog popped up today as saying it references me. Maybe the magic in the air is prompting me to remember to tell you how grateful I am to know you and your blog and to say how excited I am to read your new novel! Happy US-Thanksgiving. Canada’s was in August? or Sept? golly – I’ll go look that up. πŸ™‚


November 25, 2009

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