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Mini ‘Ho Alert: Children With Manicures

September 14, 2009 , , , , , , , , ,

nail_art_designsContinuing on with the days preceding my sister’s wedding, we find ourselves at “two days before” the big event…

In our Indian world within the world of Canadiana, “two days before” means an evening of wildly intricate mehndi designs. But before we could begin with this activity requiring more patience than I’ve ever possessed, we had to get our manicures!

That’s where most of my story begins and ends today…in the waiting room area of the nail salon.

For the entire time that I sat in the waiting chair, I found myself shocked and appalled by the Indian girls sitting next to me.  These girls were already through with their appointment, but their presence in itself was the core of my frustration:

-why did a six-year-old girl and an eight-year-old girl have  a nail appointment?

Your feathers may not be ruffled yet, and yes I understand the joy of your mother painting your nails just for fun if you’ve been very good, but this was NOT a mother-daughter bonding event. These were two little girls with fancy manicures AND pedicures, already stripped of their childhoods.

Six-year-old:  “Yours looks better than mine!” She finished with a pout.

Eight-year-old: “No look, she gave you a nicer design on your feet!”


Oh right. It’s this recent phenomenon of complicated designs to augment the average manicure. I myself have not been able to try out the designs for myself, as I’m a simple girl of “french manicure” or “solid colour” persuasion (if and when I should even get a manicure). But to witness six and eight-year-olds applying the latest trends?


It feels wrong to me. It might not feel wrong to the world at large, since the world is okay with six-year olds oiling up their thighs for juvenile beauty contests, so fine…I accept that truth.

But you know what?  Oily thighs on a child don’t work for me (it feels wrong to even type it), nor am I in favour of making little girls grow accustomed to cosmetic life.  Imagine these girls going home and playing in the sandbox: “No! Don’t push me! I don’t want to scratch my manicure!”

A child is SUPPOSED to get all grimy and scratched.  Screw getting your nails done, those girls should be cutting up worms just for the heck of it!

At least that’s what I did when I was a kid, and look how wonderfully I turned out.

I just start to wonder when the day will come that I’ll see a little girl with acrylic air-brushed porn star nails.

Should I just close my eyes now? Because I feel like it’s on the brink…

…Now where was I? Oh yeah, after our manicures, we got to dress our hands in mehndi!  I suppose that’s the rest of the story, but my annoyance precluded me from mentioning it ’till now. Needless to say, getting your hands done is a whole lotta fun, but the hard part becomes the hours and hours you’re supposed to keep the mehndi in tact. It all depends on how dark you’d like the final product to be. If you wash your hands too early, the mendhi ends up looking like a faded light orange, even when its darkened from the first day or two of exposure.

Picture50 094But this was my sister’s wedding. We wanted the GOOD stuff, so we allowed the mehndi artist to mist our hands in sticky lemon spray once she was done, and then…we didn’t touch a thing. Don’t ask me how I went to the bathroom, but once bedtime arrived, I had to wrap my wrists in that white stretchy bandage material, the kind which resembles the mummy-wrap that burn-victims wear.

It was a less than comfortable sleep, but the end result was a strong amount of colour that lasted for a couple of weeks. And on a final note, while I went for the elegant andhand2 flowery designs on the inside, I wanted something different for the outside of my hands. So I picked a more unique design for that. It almost resembled pointy daggers shooting across my hands. I thought it was pretty bad-ass.

And now all I want is a fire-breathing dragon made of  mehndi on my back.




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That is beautiful!!
I had a traditional Yemenite wedding before my actual wedding, called a “Henna” where we also put henna on our hands… except we just dab ours on – no actual artist doing anything beautiful. Our outfits are CRAZZZY though.


September 14, 2009

Professional mani & pedis should be a womanly thing, not for six year olds…I bet out country would give those tiny tots a Brazilian if hormones allowed…
Wow, I just grossed myself out!

That mehndi or “Henna” or whatever its called looks pretty sweet. I always find myself staring at a female’s hands when they’ve got that stuff painted on. Its just so intricate and eye catching!


September 14, 2009

Omegadium: you even grossed ME out, with the brazilian on six year olds remark 😉 Anyway, wouldn’t it be cool to wrist wrestle while your hands look like this? I sense a great balance between sexiness and, well… just plain sexiness.


September 14, 2009

It’s not going to stop either. Girls and guys will be doing things sooner and sooner and sooner. I just plan on raising my children up the way I was raised. Let them be kids and enjoy life while they can.


September 14, 2009

I envy little children that can run around with peanut butter covered hands and messy hair<—-when I do it, I get disapproving stares…that's what makes being a kid so fun…you know having nails full of peanut butter for later enjoyment, not nails for picking up sexy 6 year old dates. Aha, that's so creepy, 6 years old!!

Speaking of sexy, your hands look so cool!!! Do you go to a nail salon for that? Or like nail salon/semi-perm tattoo parlor…? I kinda thought(when you've featured hand art before) that you or your family members did it.


September 15, 2009

Kids are dicks! Ok, maybe that statement is a bit harsh but Come On! What is happening these days? I totally agree with you. Kids should be playing in shit and licking boogers. Kids now adays are such sissy wimps. They are all taking lessons from these lame “reality” shows. These so called Reality shows are supposed to send a message about how NOT to be in society but everyone seems to be stepping aboard this sinking ship. Are we really this dumb? We are not supposed to model ourselves after these absurd television characters! UGH!!! Sorry, a much needed rant. By the way, that mehndi design looked very elegant and classy. Should have had them customize it with some D&G or Juicy Couture logos.


September 16, 2009

I love your bad ass mehndi, dagger like designs on the back of your hands….super cool! I totally agree with you about the kids. There is a certain loss of innocence and fun nowadays and it’s sad really. They are missing out on a lot of fun trying to be older than what they are.

Now lets discuss this dragon….I want one too 😉


September 17, 2009

I’ll be damned if I ever let my (imaginary) daughters dress up like hookers and do lady stuff. I’m going to be one of those dads who sits on the front porch with a shotgun when their dates arrive, and come home. F-that! I can only imagine they were also wearing booty shorts that said JUICY or SWEETNESS across their prepubescent asses. The kids and the parents both need ass whoopins for that behavior.

Your hands turned out really good though. I am thoroughly impressed. I never knew how the whole process worked, but the end result is striking. Too bad you don’t do designs on your faces. Maybe I’m weird, but I have a thing for chicks with facial tattoos. You can probably blame that on the movie Doomsday. That post apocalyptic chick looked like Giana Michaels, except with face tats and more cannibalism. Anyway, you should be glad I wasn’t there, because I would find it impossible not to fuck with you when your hands were all wrapped up. That scenario just begs for pranks.


September 18, 2009

Dooood, I looove getting Mehndi done! Having no Indian weddings to go to it’s usually just tribal designs on my arms or back, but still, it’s mad fun! I love the design you chose, it’s badass for sure.


September 20, 2009

Bad-ass is right!


September 22, 2009

geminigirl64: have you posted any pics of some of those crazy outfits? I would love to see that! 🙂

that brazilian for tots comments was one of the grossest I’ve ever why did I laugh so much? 😉

duffboy: I got MANY offers for sexy wrist wrestling once I had that on 😉

it is my dream to have my future kids enjoy childhood, but that might mean making them shut-ins in today’s society 😉

Shweta: hahaha, peanut butter nails for future enjoyment…a lot of times my finger nails would also get filled with Cheetos cheese, and that was always tasty 😉

Justin: OMG, half of childhood was tasting boogers! Did yours taste salty too, or only mine? LOL 🙂 … And no, it’s okay I loved your rant 😉

PS: my mendhi did not have any logos, just like my high school wardrobe…sigh 😉

sammy25: maybe we should swap back-dragon designs, it could be really kick-ass with the flames and shit 😉

josh: OH MY GOD, please no “juicy” booty-shorts…argh..I’m gonna make my daughters dress like the Amish girls! Floral and classy all the way 😉

PS: I am SO glad you were not there, it was so hard regardless not to be able to pick my wedgie and stuff 😉

PPS: hi!!! I hope you’re well, miss you! 😉

Em: if I get the “badass” seal of approval from YOU, then I KNOW I did the right thing, thanks! 🙂

Will: I’m glad you think it’s bad-ass, I wouldn’t want to disappoint you 😉


October 5, 2009

I completely agree. In U.S. society now, it’s the same way. Underage girls are being robbed of their childhood by their parents allowing (and sometimes encouraging) them to adorn themselves as adults! This is especially true with makeup and clothing. As an example, when I first saw the face of the murdered Jon-Benet Ramsey on a newsmagazine cover, I thought she was a grown woman!

What are these parents thinking? They want to protect their daughters from sexual predators, but they allow them to dress-up as if to lure sexual predators! And though most of us men are not sexual predators–we cannot tell the difference between teenage girls and twenty-something women, when teenage girls are wearing the same makeup and clothing as twenty-something women!

It’s ironic: A hundred years ago, the only adult women who wore makeup were actresses and prostitutes. Now minors are wearing it. The fact is that makeup and clothing are very deceptive. And if parents want their underage daughters to be safe, they should not let them wear makeup, or sexy clothing at all!


October 15, 2009

Hilarious! Oh my goodness. I was anticipating a laugh fest and you did not disappoint! I could tell some wedding stories, but probably should refrain since I want to keep planning weddings in the future!

Love it, Romi, I’ll check out earlier posts this weekend!


October 16, 2009

That is some fancy stuff – I really like the designs you picked! As for the young girls getting manicures – those designs are pretty intricate and I’m surprised anyone would pay extra for it on a kid. Oh well. I guess they must have money to burn. I can only afford a plain or french manicure and that’s cuz I’m going to school for it! LOL.


October 22, 2009

I always seem to have a hard time on deciding which nail design to use, sometimes it can take me hours to decide. I usually try changing my nail designs at least twice a month.


November 18, 2009

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