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Indian Wedding: The Awkward Edition

November 2, 2009 , , , , , , , , , ,

meFour months ago, on a perfect sunny day, my sister had a big fat Indian wedding.

(you knew I’d write this post eventually, right?)

Like most weddings, the day began at 4am (at least for my sister it did. I “slept in” for another hour). By five o’ clock she was already being transformed from whatever she is on a regular day (bleh), to a Bollywood bridal princess.  After I brushed my teeth, I snuck inside her room to check out the work-in-progress. The hair had been put into a lovely up-do, but the make-up was still underway. In other words the eyeshadow was finished, but the furry fake lashes had yet to be glued on (sorry, but you CANNOT get married “Indian style” without fake lashes, it’s a disgrace to our culture if you don’t).

I smiled in approval since it WAS her special day after all, but my mother who was standing in the room as well, was a little bit more on the bolder side.

“Why are you putting so much eye makeup on? You’re making her eyes look pointy and long.”

Poor stylist, poor sister.

I didn’t have time to enjoy the motherly insults, because I had to get ready too. I originally thought I’d be getting professional hair and make-up for the morning ceremony, but I quickly realized my sister wanted me to look uglier than her, so it would have to be a self-service job.

My first choice of hairstyles would always involve kick-ass curls, but for Sikh wedding ceremonies, you had to cover your head and tie your hair back.

So ponytail it is!

I still looked pretty good with my sea foam-coloured eyeshadow and matching sea foam outfit (sounds ugly but it wasn’t I swear), so by 7am I went downstairs to help out. This involved putting fresh rose boutonnieres on all the men, who apparently can’t pin a simple flower to their jackets. I didn’t like this job, mostly because we Indians aren’t very “touchy feely” people (except for awkward hugs with distant relatives). So to go through man after man, whether uncles, cousins or brothers, and stand mere inches away while I pinned on the flowers?


Once that was done my sister came down and the photographer hi-jacked her. For like over an hour. Yawn.

So I caught up on some TV (not that I didn’t have TONS to do later…just wait until I get to the reception).

By the time the photographer released her, it was time for the videographer to have his fun. He envisioned this heartwarming story, where every one of us,dress including my brothers, would smile and hug my sister. After which he’d put on a lovely soundtrack. I found this to be the most amusing part of the day. Thing is, any display of affection between my siblings and I is like kryptonite. Sure a hug is not a glowing green rock, but it will cripple us and make us beg for mercy just the same.

For MY “video hug”, I pulled her in from the shoulders and supplied my best glowing fake-ass smile (what? I want to be Hollywood some day, this is my test-screening). For my brothers, they tried to get away with a one-handed shoulder pat plus a nod of acknowledgement. But our director wasn’t having it. So my parents and I waited through take after take, until they finally acted out some semblance of a hug.

We ain’t no Brady Bunch.

Once that was finished, people started filling our house, and we went through a TON of family photos. The only awkward part was when the not-so close relatives wanted the photographer to do special shots just for them and the bride.  This happens all the time, and you can say you’re running late, but they persist and persist. So the photographer finally gave in, but whatever…AS IF we ever sent them the pictures…

At last (and already a half an hour behind for the ceremony—or right on time according to Indian punctuality) we made our way out of the house. And into the SUV limo!

This was another awkward moment. Only fifteen people would fit into the limo, with the original assignment being our six family members, our gran, two aunts and uncles and some cousins.

But then some “Indian moms” had a melt down. The funny thing was, they were my MOM’s friends, not my sister’s. But these forty to fifty something women were intent on being front and centre.

Which means the limo ride quickly became: bride, mom, me, cousins, aunts…and miscallenous Indian women who think they’re the shit.

I’d never been inside a limo before (please refer to Appendix: “girl who was dateless for the prom”), but within a moment, I felt like a ballin’ rap star.  All I could think was “Where  are my ‘ho’s, where’s the Cristal, and where is my bling?!”

We had the bling alright, but as for ‘ho’s and alcohol, did I mention the limo was full of middle-aged Indian women? Right.

That’s all for now, as the wedding day purge will continue in my follow-up post (’cause no one can stomach more than 800 words of Romi in a single shot…too bad I wrote an 84,000-word novel).



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I have a pretty strong stomach Ms. Bollywood Moondi. 🙂 I am not the least bit nauseous yet. Your cheerful candor is most refreshing, as always. These ceremonies cannot help but to collapse under their own weight, even with cheerful sprites like yourself flitting about. Our greatest hope can only be that nobody gets hurt in the process.

84,000 words. May that be just enough!


November 2, 2009

“Cheerful candor”?!?!? Aww…no one has ever said I have cheerful candor before, I kind of love that 🙂

I hope 84,000 words was enough…the waiting game is the worst!!


November 2, 2009

Nice post – indian wedding photos ..Keep Posting– Tip: Keep your post active- commenting helps it – Ron indian wedding photos


November 2, 2009

Hi Ron, thanks for visiting, and yes, I just figured out this handy “comment reply” function…LOVE IT! 😉


November 2, 2009

Thanks for the recap on the wedding – I enjoyed reading it. =)


November 2, 2009

Hi tokyostargirl, thanks for visiting and I’m glad you enjoyed it! 🙂


November 2, 2009

Ooh hoo hoo, I have a feeling we’re JUST getting started here. 😀 Looking forward to hearing the rest of it.

You sure look great in the photo above!

Taoist Biker

November 2, 2009

Aww…thanks, the photographer made me look better than I am 😉 And YES, more craziness still to come! 😀


November 2, 2009

thanks, I’m glad you could picture it! 🙂


November 2, 2009

Have you ever witnessed south Indian weddings???


November 4, 2009

LOVE indian weddings. I wish I was invited to one! Maybe my new Canadian/ Indian friend will get married and invite me?


November 2, 2009

PLEASE let’s pray I can snag someone and yes you will! 😀


November 3, 2009

So many funny lines in this one, I can’t even begin to pick them out.

I assisted a coordinator with an Indian wedding about a year and a half ago, it was EXTREMELY interesting. Especially all the non-bridal party, non-family members, non-hired help who insisted on having a say in what was going on in the festivities.

Food was DELICIOUS though!


November 3, 2009

Lmao, it’s a disgrace not to wear long fake eyelashes. You looked really pretty! Romz, I’m anticipating your wedding like you wouldn’t believe, make it happen; make it sexy!


November 3, 2009

I’m hooked! Can’t wait for the rest.


November 4, 2009

You are my hero, Romi, I’ve said that before, right? Who can pull off the sexy bride’s sister role, withstand being cramped in an SUV limo with middle-aged stock up “biatches”? Romi, that’s who? 😉

I’m getting married at the end of this month and, lucky for me, our civil union (no religion for us, please) will promise very small opportunities for ackwardness. God, who am I kidding? Let the Ackward Fest begin!


November 5, 2009

Holy smokes you are pretty!


November 14, 2009

Aww…shucks, thanks! And holy smokes you’re adorable, haha, that is no secret in the blogging world 😉


November 15, 2009

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