Confessions of a Chick in Paris

Confessions of a Chick in Paris

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I Quit My Job and I’m Moving to Paris!

April 8, 2013 , , , , , , , ,

Paris eiffelThere comes a time in every person’s life, when he/she must order an econo-pack of ball-enhancing pills at three a.m., from one of those home-shopping channel thingys.

In real-life terms, I am a girl and the ball-growth is symbolic only of courage, as opposed to any latent desire for a sex change.

My symbolic balls sprung forth when I decided that with whatever money I had (the money that was supposed to pay for a house, or an eventual big fat Indian wedding–oops) , I would move to Paris for however long I could afford it (six months tops), and quit my job so I could FINALLY hold the title of full-time author/writer/dreamer!

I’ve shared the news with my conservative Indian parents and the response has been surprisingly accepting, but intermingled with questions like “I think you’re lying about writing. I think you’re moving there to be with a man; is he Polish?” (how do you get Polish from Paris?). Despite the parental skepticism, this move has nothing to do with a man, because helllllo, it’s 2013, and the world does not revolve around “guy acquisition/retention,” am I right ladies? (if someone could do a *finger-snap* here I’d appreciate it).

Instead, it’s all about me, it’s all about writing/publishing book three in my “Year of the Chick” series, and it’s all about blogging twice a week from Paris, to confess all my highs, lows, and encounters with people and places. I’ve already been setting the stage, by joining two groups on One is a group about Ex-Pats in Paris who seem like they LOVE to have fun (that’ll definitely inspire some blog posts), and another is a French/English language exchange, where the group meets in pubs or cafés, and you’re paired with someone trying to improve their English or French. Conversations in each language ensue, followed by freestyle, ohhh yeah! Stay tuned for that. Then of course there’s the whole “having no friends,” living on the Left Bank, and interacting with strangers to see what happens. Overall, these “Confessions of a Chick in Paris” will eventually become a memoir/travel guide that I’ll publish as well (after adding fifty-percent of never-before-seen stuff, wow!), but for now please enjoy the free content beginning May 2nd! (I’ll also be focusing on screenwriting while I’m Paris, after an encouraging 7 out of 10 review from the Black List, with scores on 8 for both Character and Dialogue. Now it’s all about improvement and perfection!)

In the meantime, I’ll probably blog again before I leave, to discuss how one transitions from a full-time job to stressfully packing for six months in Paris…it will likely be dramatic.

By the way, if you’re reading this post from a phone or something, go to your web browser or iPad or what have you RIGHT NOW, and check out my brand new blog theme, heehee! (Yes, it makes me giddy, and it even has a post-slider, oh my! Fear not though, all my old posts are still there, and I’ve even filed them for you in the menu bar, enjoy!)

Write you soon,


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I’m excited for you! I’ve always thought about saving up, quitting my two jobs and just moving to another part of the world. Kudos to you! I haven’t been to Paris (yet), but I’ve heard nothing but good things about the city. Love your theme, by the way. Good luck and Godspeed!


April 8, 2013

Thanks so much and I’m glad you like the theme! 🙂


April 11, 2013

Love your reincarnated blog! Will you be posting en Francais?

SO happy for you and wish you the best with your new adventure. As for the ball-growing, I think you’ve had them for quite a while now. 🙂

Bon voyage!


April 8, 2013

Hmm, I’ll consider some lines en Francais, but will keep it English so I don’t alienate my primarily anglophone audience ;-). Thank you for the wishes!


April 11, 2013

Wow! Congrats! You’re doing something that probably everyone at one time wishes he/she had the balls to do. Look forward to great stories!

Dexter klemperer

April 8, 2013

Thank you, I can’t wait to get crackin’ on writing those stories 😉


April 11, 2013

Enjoy Paris! I can see it being an endless source of inspiration and writing fodder. BTW… I don’t know about the Polish… but if you’re anywhere around Montmartre, Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower etc, watch out for the clipboard-toting Roma… they are aggressive and will rob you blind if you let your guard down for a second. The flics don’t do a thing. Link drop to my post about that. (you can delete if you think this is bad form, but the video clearly shows what I mean)

ian in hamburg

April 8, 2013

Ian, I am SO glad you commented here and posted that! I’ve heard about stuff like this, but nothing as agressive as you showed; I’m already buying a money belt but even then I have to be on my guard, for things like my phone and other items in my bag. WOW. Eye-opening stuff, thanks for the heads up! 🙂


April 11, 2013

All the very best for your moving to Paris thing! 😀
I look forward to your blogs!
And, I seriously owe you ‘a big hug’ along with a ‘Thank you!’ because, Year of the chick book is the reason I have my own blog, in the first place…! 😛
I finished reading it like two months back, and the day I read the last chapter, all I wanted to do was to open up an account on wordpress (secretly hoping to be a writer someday… 😉 )
So, conclusion, you are the inspiration here! 😀

whimsical scribbler

April 8, 2013

I hope you enjoy blogging, and thanks for the virtual hug :-). You’ll be seeing me blogging regularly soon! (And thanks for reading “Year of the Chick” 🙂 )


April 11, 2013

Quel courage ! I just bought a place in Paris, myself, but I haven’t dared the level of commitment to the dream that you have. Wait until you see the outpouring of validation the universe will send you now that you’ve put it out there. Blog it; live it, baby!

Parttime Parisienne

April 9, 2013

Thank you, lady! Congrats on your journey as well and buying a place, I will definitely blog and live it soon 🙂


April 11, 2013

with every post of yours can feel wt u feeling………


May 8, 2013

I’m glad you can feel it too! 😉


May 11, 2013

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