Confessions of a Chick in Paris

Confessions of a Chick in Paris

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Paris: The Muse and the Devil!

July 9, 2013 , , , , , , , , ,

SDC13332Hemingway had the right idea when he decided to live in Paris to write his books…the cafés, the Seine river, the energy, the anticipation, the calm, the periods of reflection helped along by stunning views, the writers that surround your life…decades couldn’t change these attributes of Paris, so let it be known: Paris is a damn good place to write in!!

But let it also be known: all these wonderful things can be the devil in disguise! That’s right, just as easily as Paris can inspire you like no other place in the world, it can also sweep you up into the vortex of new experiences and great memories, a vortex that tosses your pen and notebook out the window, distracting you from the very task you came here to accomplish.

Right now I’m doing okay, because along the way I have always had a self-awareness for the ebbs and flows of Parisian distractions…or the “outside of Paris” distractions (like running off to London last weekend!). Today I must’ve spent a good ten minutes talking about the freshness of baguettes from Eric Kayser Boulangerie, particularly at the unexpected “freshness hour” of seven p.m. (part of the conversation with my equally stunned baguette-eating friend: “HOW is it so crusty on the inside and so soft in the middle? Oh my god!!“). Then there’s those times when I take detours on the way home, so I can walk along the river for a while, and simply watch the ripples of the water. That’s another twenty minutes gone. I can’t help it, I mean it’s PARIS goddammit, and I’d be a fool to ignore my surroundings just to crank out the word count; I mean really, what’s the point of being in Paris if I’m not even going to see, smell, and taste it?

Indeed, but then how do I beat this devil dressed in pain au chocolat and endlessly beautiful sunsets?

Like this: I make workback schedules, I freak myself out over how little time there is to finish, rewrite, and edit my book, and then, suddenly, from the negative reinforcement called the fear of failure, the words will flow.

I made the schedule after I got back from London this weekend, and according to said schedule, if I don’t finish the first draft before I leave for my three-week Europe vacation in fifteen days, I will fail in making my self-imposed publication date for book three. Which means I will have failed as an over-achieving Indian-Canadian.

And excuse me, but over-achieving Indian-Canadians were not made for failure.

So I’m on it, for those of you who’ve been reading the Year of the Chick book series; I’m on it! And book three will be released in the end of September!

Part of this pact means the regularly-scheduled blogging I’d originally intended will not be so regular in the next two months; I think that’s okay though, because maybe it’s better to spill the best of my “Confessions from Paris” after the dust has settled; take some time to reflect and all that.

I’ll still blog from time to time this summer, to be sure! But for the most part the season of  crazy book-writing is upon me, so you can follow more regular updates on my Facebook Author page, sound good?



PS: Here I am in London this weekend, being a tourist and so NOT being a writer…



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Dear Over-Achieving Indo Canadian Lady,

Your work ethic is truly admirable. We’ll let the paucity of blog posts go unnoticed, that Book Three may appear in due course. Facebook will be less of a time-suck. Never thought I’d write that sentence …


July 11, 2013

Boy, miss a little, miss a lot!
I’m glad I finally found the time to check back in with you, old friend. Looks like your life has taken a most interesting turn. Good for you! I wish nothing but happiness and book writing success!

The Hook

September 14, 2013

Thanks so much! Now I just need to get back to Paris, haha


December 13, 2013

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