Confessions of a Chick in Paris

Confessions of a Chick in Paris

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A Book Release Party for YEAR OF THE CHICK (with pics!)

February 28, 2012 18 Comments

Saturday February 25, 2012 will go down in history for two reasons:

1. It was the day I got my first paraffin wax treatment to make my “old lady hands” feel softer,


2. I had a book release party for book one in my trilogy, “Year of the Chick”!!!

The main reason I wanted to have a book release party (aside from how it would be a three-course meal for my narcissism) was to prove something. Every step of this self-published journey I’ve been trying to prove something.

First I was trying to prove that I can slowly find readers who aren’t my friends.


Then I wanted to prove that my book can be as enjoyable as chick-lit books with big publishers. This is something that’s highly subjective, but it also means there’s room for making it happen, since having a big publisher only means a group of decision-making people liked your book. So yeah, the slow build of reviews and ratings are proving this second one true. My book is not for everyone (due to profanities, sarcasm and awkward Indian moments), but strangers who aren’t my friends have been shown to like it. So: done.

As for this book release party, I wanted to prove that just because your books aren’t sold in a bookstore with a publisher who can secure a big event, it doesn’t mean you’re incapable of having a big event.

So I, given my history of frequenting the odd nightclub, found a nightclub location and threw myself a  party, a party rich with a chick-lit reading audience! I couldn’t have done it without the awesome event planning guys at 1neFLO entertainment who put it all together. I printed the stuff, they themed and set-up my party, and the club was absolutely packed that it all worked out! It also couldn’t have been a more fitting venue, given the nights out that are chronicled in “Year of the Chick.”

I’ll leave the rest of the story to some pictures below, (with more at my Facebook author page), but one thing I’ll add is a summary of events from three a.m. onwards. It involves meeting slightly creepy guys in the street who say “Hey girl, how was your night?” followed by me opening my purse, and giving them a “Year of the Chick” button. This is followed by a series of questions and overall interest, which completely de-rails their original creepy pick-up lines. It’s a creep-combating win and it involves good business sense. So the moral of the story is: always get buttons  printed and carry them around in your purse.

On a final note, I’m preparing to take a week’s vacation beginning March 4th, to roll up my sleeves and write the sequel of “Year of the Chick.” It will involve writing into the wee hours, it will involve sweat, forgetting to shower, and the odd weeping fest (this is what happens when your writing is inspired by real life). It will be amazing and it will be hell, but when the week is over, I hope to have an almost-done first draft. I’ve had this plan for the last month, but my mission was just  injected with some extra power today, not unlike the steroid power that’s injected into a baseball player’s ass via syringe. It was a notification from the “Filmmakers’ International Screenwriting Awards”, telling me that my screenplay “Best Before” made it to the semifinals (after surviving three previous cuts). This now brings the total to eight international screenplay competitions where I made it to the semifinals or better, for the first screenplay I ever wrote. The reason this gives me steroid-in-the-butt power, is because this screenplay is the story of…

…the sequel I’m about to write.

Take that, Mark McGwire.



PS: if you’re new to my blog and interested in my books (whether in digital or print), feel free to visit my Amazon Author Page

The poster that everyone walked by before they entered the club

Books displayed up on the bar next to a bottle of vodka; how fitting, haha

Our VIP booth where another poster was located

Each VIP booth got a signed copy of the book…and PENS! 🙂

More swag!